jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Enjoy your visit!

MIRAMAR and the locations of General Alvarado County (Mar del Sud, Centinela del Mar, Comandante Nicanor Otamendi and Mechongué) expect your visit all year round and offer you a wide range of natural attractions and services for all tastes, combining sea, countryside, and nature in an atmosphere of serenity, with attractive choices for all ages.

Discover the warmth of our people and the flavors of our gourmet and home cooking traditional cuisine.

Uncover the Works of our artisans, born from Sea and Land.

Enjoy a city, tailor-made for your family, with many wide, open green spaces, where Nature asserts itself during all seasons…

“Florentino Ameghino” Dune-Nursery Municipal Forest

This forest lies on a long and wide strip along the Miramar coastline, one mile South of the city.

A predominantly connifer forest was created in 1923 with the purpose of anchoring the dunes, spanning nowadays more than five hundred hectares.

Its variety of flora and fauna is shared with excellent gastronomical and recreative services, up to modern day standards.

The Dark Forest or Energy Center

Three miles from downtown Miarmar, within the forest, lies a copse where people claim to have had mystical experiences. A myth has arisen fed by multiple anecdotes of the enigmatic properties of the site, which defy explanantion. It is called “The Dark Wood” because of its tree density, which hinders sunlight. It is also called “The Energy Center” because it is a quiet, cool, damp spot, aired by its vegetation and saturated with wild aromas, where visitors have had science-defying, unusual, intriguing, emotional experiences.

Cliffs and Dunes

South of the Municipal Forest lies a stark open space which integrates dunes and cliffs for a nine mile stretch, joining the Miramar and township of Mar del Sur through the coast.

Dunes provide a means for sandboarding, four wheeled motorcycles and four by four rides through ravines and brooks, in a spine-tingling experience.

Cliffs from the Fisherman’s Wharf to the South host fossil remains of the ancient fauna of these lands, which are exhibited in the “Punta Hermengo” Municipal Forest Museum.

The sighting of birds and marine fauna is frequent. Penguins, seals and whales can be seen on their southbound voyages, a natural show which attracts children and adults.

Natural Tourism: Granges and small farms

Rural tourism, from the “Mar y Pampa” sector (9th Avenue, between Avenues 37 and 40) and on the 9th Avenue/Route 77 path (Agrotechnical Schools “Irene Martínez de Hoz de Campos” and “Bernardo Yraizoz”) provide an interesting supply of home-made goods: sweets, marmalades, cold cuts, cheeses, organic and small farm produce, country and honey bread, and recreational and educational tours for the entire family, where children can interact with farm animals and chores in nearby farms.


Department Of Tourism and Culture MGA (Municipalidad de General Alvarado)

Costanera Avenue and 21st Street, Telephone (02291) 420190. 
Email: turismo@mga.gov.ar 
Web Site: www.turismodemiramar.com.ar
Facebook: TurismoMiramar
Twitter: @MiramarARG

(Traslator: Roberto Álvarez)